Leslie B. DeMille's "THE PEACEMAKERS” sculpture from his personal collection,
12" diameter and  1" inch thick
Relief portraits of Reagan and Gorbachev displayed, “The World is Watching,” and

“The Summit . . . December 8, 1987” – on the front
Depicted on the back - the SUMMIT HANDSHAKE and “Historic Treaty to Eliminate 
Nuclear Missiles," 
“Glastnost,” and “Openness” – on the outer edge
Rotates atop a Russian limestone base shaped as a Pentagon

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Included in the price is this large framed collection of the presentation to President Reagan in the Oval Office at the White House in 1988. These framed photos & letters, originally framed over twenty five years ago by “THE ARTIST”.
            ·      Original signed letters
            ·      Photos of actual presentation
            ·      Photo of bronze and full description 

"The Peacemakers" is now in the permanent collection of the Ronald Reagan Museum, California.

My youngest son, Mark DeMille, had an idea . . .

He commissioned me to create a sculpture of US President Reagan and USSR Gorbachev to commemorate the Moscow Summit. He envisioned the possibility of presenting it to President Reagan in the White House.