Learn about the Artist! It Started with a Pencil: Memoir, Leslie B. DeMille SALE Price: Click here.

Learn about the Artist!

It Started with a Pencil: Memoir, Leslie B. DeMille
SALE Price: Click here.

Leslie B. DeMille is sharing his library of demonstrations and workshops. He always loved to teach others his techniques with pastels. However, since his multiple strokes he is no longer able to draw or paint. Mr. DeMille's daughter, Dianne DeMille, has edited and narrated the videos for you to learn directly from "The Artist". Techniques shown are what he used for all his pastel paintings. TheIntroduction Video on the right is where Mr. DeMille describes his desire to share his expertise as a well-known Artist. 
Additional videos will be added in the next few weeks. Videos will also be available on YouTube at his channel: Master Artist Lessons.

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An introduction to the videos of Leslie B. DeMille demonstrating how to draw, the basics of working with pastels, and how to do a portrait in sepia or full color.

Foundations of Pastel Portraits shows Leslie B. DeMille sharing the basics of drawing apples and grapes as a foundation for doing portraits.

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Leslie B. DeMille shares the history of using Red Chalk and Conte Crayon to create Sepia paintings in this video Red Chalk & Sepia, An Historical View.

The Essence of Doing a Portrait shares a tutorial of the basics to sketching a portrait by Leslie B. DeMille.

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In this video, Portrait Demonstration - Sepia, Leslie B. DeMille shares a full demonstration that includes every step in the unveiling of a sepia portrait.

Aligning Facial Features of a Portrait is a short video where Leslie B. DeMille shows how to align the nose and mouth with the eyes. This gives the perspectives to keep in mind as you create portraits.

Leslie B. DeMille shares this tutorial, Drawing Eyes, Nose, & Mouth. You are encouraged to practice with each feature as you gain your own style for doing portraits.

Leslie B. DeMille - Lessons in Pastel: Chopsticks 3
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Chopsticks is a 3-part one-hour video demonstration with Leslie B. DeMille. The setting was in the Atrium Dining Room of the Los Abrigados Resort and Spa in Sedona, Arizona. Watch and learn Leslie B. DeMille's technique while he explains each step as the full color portrait is unveiled.

Chopsticks is a tutorial that shows Leslie B. DeMille as he creates a full-color portrait. You can download the three parts to use as you wish to create portraits of your own.